Fighting for a Living Planet

When you’re fighting for a living planet, you don’t have time to read tax code.

That’s where Living Planet Alliance comes in. Living Planet Alliance is an organization that jump starts fledgling activist projects by providing tax exempt status and bookkeeping services. It doesn’t sound very exciting but that’s kind of the point! Living Planet Alliance takes that stuff off the plate of activists so they can focus on activism.

We are trying to raise $500 by December 31st to prepare for 2020. In the new year we will begin a big push to reach out to people working on land defense projects – think anti-pipeline activists who need legal defense funds and indigenous communities fighting mining and fossil fuels extraction.

Please consider donating today:

With these funds we will be working with projects that build healthy human communities, help the living world recover, and work to stabilize the climate.

Your support is a huge vote of confidence for this new effort. Thank you!!